Travel Soap
packaging design, 2014

Travel Soap - the soap you can take with you anywhere and everywhere! This gorgeous soap comes packaged in not only a cute box but the box itself also features a second handy purpose: a soap drainer! It is easy to assemble and now there is no need to fish around for a soap dish to keep your basin soap scum-free. Highly recommended for those on the run when it comes to either travelling, camping or even at home. In terms of final production, a thicker waxed (waterproof) cardboard would be used for the drainer section for extended use reasons. The end result is a lightweight, reusable and eco-friendly soap box that is perfect to use with any soap for a mess-free and hygienic experience!

A packaging solution for the concept theme of reuse - to redesign a generic packaging into something which deserved a second life. The original idea was inspired by my hate for soap scum. The end result is a soap package which had a built-in drainer! Easy on the eyes and in terms of usage.